As the story goes: St. Francis of Assisi would stay up all night to pray. He would say, “O my God, who are You and who am I?” All night.

Though I may not stay up all night to answer the question that Jesus poses to me, “Who do you say that I am?” – I will spend the rest of my life and into eternity, I pray, contemplating the answer: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the Living God!” Matthew 16:16

Indeed, as Harrington says in Jesus our Brother, part 1: The greatest Christian truth is that, in Jesus of Nazareth, God is really and truly present, His humanity is not the whole of it. The identity of Jesus is mystery in the strictest sense.

Significantly, the author of the Gospel of Matthew places this question and answer as the centerpiece of his Gospel. The challenge for me is to always make Jesus my center. To ever fix my eyes on Him, His Life, the Truth. He is the only way for me to follow.

“The transcendent, unknowable God is now visible and knowable in the incarnate Son.” – Harrington

“The Word became flesh and lived among us.” – John 1:14

Sister Miriam Fidelis