Sister Anne Clare

Posted February 20, 2018 in Obituaries

Anne Clare Asbeck

Sister Anne Clare was happiest when she was giving to others. As teacher, congregational leader and member, parish minister, and family member, she freely gave of her time, energy and service to make life happier and easier for all within her circle of care. The gentle and faith-filled Ursuline died Monday, February 19, at Regina Health Center in Richfield, where she had been in residence since 2013. She was 88. Joan Elizabeth Asbeck, daughter of Joseph and Helen (Richard) Asbeck, was born March 18, 1929, in Cleveland. Within months of her 1947 graduation from Ursuline Academy of the Sacred Heart, Joan... read more

Sister Mary Laura Bouhall: Faithful Friend and Minister

Posted November 18, 2017 in Obituaries

Mary Laura Bouhall

Sister Mary Laura Bouhall is remembered as a sparkle in the classroom, in the congregation and at the Chancery – every place she made her mark in the world through which she walked with unbridled... read more