Remembering Sister Marie Cecile

Posted October 28, 2023 in Obituaries

Marie Cecile

 I want to love and live and be – and oh, To grow like bulbs that burst through burnished soil And yearn to return the best of life to Him.  Almost fifty years ago, Sister Marie Cecile penned these words, part of a sonnet filled with a yearning to be free and loving while helping others. Blessed are we who have accompanied her on this journey, recipients of her whimsical spirit and endlessly generous loving. What a gift of her “best of life” she has given to God through so many lives! Joanne Dolores Bauers was born in 1928 to Edward and Josephine, joining older sister Mercedes into the Cleveland family whose... read more

Remembering Sister Margaret O'Brien

Posted July 24, 2023 in Obituaries

Margaret O'Brien

Sister Margaret O’Brien chose readings for her funeral that speak to her very being, readings of faith in God, love of neighbor, patience, prayer and joy. She also directed that the homily was to be... read more

Remembering Sister Brigetta Waldron

Posted June 06, 2023 in Obituaries

Brigetta Waldron

Sister M. Brigetta Waldron was described as a “beacon of hope” in a letter written to a foundation just six years ago.  In her octogenarian years, Sister Brigetta was still applying for grants for academic... read more

Remembering Sister Helen Marie Davidson, OSU

Posted February 18, 2023 in Obituaries

Helen Marie Davidson

From 1951 until 2012, hundreds of children passed through the classes of Sister Helen Marie—learning to read, write, and learn “math facts” that would serve them for the rest of their lives. Sister Helen Marie’s gift... read more

Remembering Sister Rita Kuhn

Posted February 02, 2023 in Obituaries

Rita Kuhn

The words that sisters are using to describe Sister Rita Kuhn as they absorb her unexpected death are “always kind” and “good”. With an affectionate chuckle, stories are being told of her lengthy tales of family... read more